Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Today is day ONE

Who am I? I am Jennifer Olea, Jolea, or J for short......also I am a crafter, teacher and diet coke drinker,  military spouse, mom, daughter and brand new resident of Arizona.  I love all things Stampin' Up!!! Have been a demo for a handful of years and want to make this my business.  

We have traveled the world, my hubs more then us.  But the family has a few stamps in our passports.  I am trying to decorate our forever house which has me nervous....what I'm not moving in three years so I may have that picture hanging there forever :))

My love of all things paper startred with books .....does anyone else love the smell of paper? Now I'm not a hoarder of pretty paper but a good quality cardstock makes me very happy.  Thank goodness I was introduced to Stampin' Up! # loveStampinupscardstock

And here begins the journey of a girl, big dreams, trying to learn techie stuff to reach out and share my love of paper.....paper cards, paper home decor, rubber stamping and all things crafty.

Thanks for stopping by and a BIG thank you!!

Hope you get a little crafty each and everyday


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